UCE-CT220L Fault Locator & Curve Tracer

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V-I test method is widely used in the World for PCB repairing. Fault detection can be done without energizing PCB boards.

32 different test conditions can be created with different combinations of test voltage, source resistance and frequency values.

The fact that the product has two channels allows simultaneous comparison of two different cards.


  • Display: 4.3 inch 480 × 272 pixel color LCD with Touch screen
  • Channels Number: 2 (A and B)
  • Waveform: Sine wave
  • Test Frequencies: 10Hz, 100Hz, 500Hz, 2000Hz
  • Open circuit Voltage:  ±5V, ±10V, ±20V
  • Source Resistance: 1kΩ, 10kΩ
  • Storage: internal 8MB USB disk for storing waveform image and firmware upgrade (bootload)
  • Power Consumption: 5W
  • Dimensions: 169 x 83 x 31 mm
  • Weight: 295gr

Package List:

  • 1 pc UCE-CT220L Tracer
  • 2 pcs BNC to 4mm banana cable
  • 2 sets multimeter pen (red and black), and with needle high-voltage cap
  • 2 pcs Crocodile Clips
  • 1 pc touch pen
  • 1 pc USB cable



Additional information

Weight 760 g
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 8 cm



How to update firmware of UCE-CT220L

Firmware History

UCE-CT220L V1.20

Released on 2021-10-13

Recent changes;

  • Added Frequency scanning feature.
  • Added Screen Saver function. (If there is no click anywhere for more than 15 minutes in Test Mode, the screen will turn black to protect the structure of the LCD. If any part of the screen is clicked, the LCD returns to the normal operating mode.)
  • Added “Product Origin Information” button.
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-CT220L V1.19

Released on 2021-06-11

Recent changes;

  • Fixed a bug in the short-circuit comparison.
  • Improved the comparison algorithm.
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-CT220L V1.18

Released on 2021-06-09

Recent changes;

  • Fixed a bug in the comparison algorithm.

UCE-CT220L V1.17

Released on 2021-05-26

Recent changes;

  • Fixed a bug in Touch Screen calibration algorithm

UCE-CT220L V1.16

Released on 2021-05-23

Recent changes;

  • Improved the comparison algorithm.

UCE-CT220L V1.15

Released on 2021-05-08

Recent changes;

  • Improved Touch Screen calibration algorithm.
  • Improved restoring of settings algorithm.
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-CT220L V1.14

Released on 2021-03-22

Recent changes;

  • Some optimizations.

UCE-CT220L V1.13

Released on 2021-01-07

Recent changes;

  • Improved the comparison algorithm.
  • Changed the button colors.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-CT220L V1.12

Released on 2020-10-07

Recent changes;

  • Fixed a bug in HOLD/RUN algorithm
  • Fixed a bug in offset algorithm
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-CT220L V1.11

Released on 2020-07-22

Recent changes;

  • The bug related to resistance and capacitor detection algorithm has been fixed.
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-CT220L V1.10

Released on 2020-04-13

Recent changes;

  • Added, reporting visually the result of the comparison.
  • Added algorithm about configuring the comparison by editing text file in its internal disk (For more information, please refer to the internal disk file).
  • Improved the adc acquisition algorithm.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-CT220L V1.09

Released on 2020-01-13

Recent changes;

  • Added resistor and capacitor detection algorithm for both Channels.
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-CT220L V1.08 beta

Released on 2019-12-24

Recent changes;

  • New feature: Added resistor and capacitor detection algorithm. And improved calculation algorithm of their values . This feature is only Single Mode (at CH-A) for now.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-CT220L V1.07

Released on 2019-11-28

Recent changes;

  • Optimized Probe Calibration algorithm (Probe Calibration allows probes with different impedance values ​​to be used in the instrument).
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-CT220L V1.05

Released on 2019-09-09

Recent changes;

  • Optimized the angle of Short-Circuit & Open-Circuit curves.
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-CT220L V1.04

Released on 2019-04-17

Recent changes;

  • Fixed a bug in HOLD-RUN Mode

UCE-CT220L V1.03

Released on 2019-02-24

Recent changes;

  • Fixed angle of Short-Circuit curve.
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-CT220L V1.02

Released on 2019-02-16

Recent changes;

  • Added Input voltage error detection algorithm.
  • Reduced the Noise on signals with software optimization.
  • Fixed the time gaps in voltage transitions in scan mode.
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-CT220L V1.01

Released on 2019-01-20

Recent changes;

  • Fixed a bug in Scan Mode.

8 reviews for UCE-CT220L Fault Locator & Curve Tracer

  1. Marco (verified owner)

    I was looking for an affortable, compact and stand-alone V-I Curve Tracer. Something you don’t have to connect to a scope to view V-I curves. I happened to see uCore UCE-CT220L and I soon realized it was what I was looking for. Compact, with a Display and with an affordable price. I ordered it and I have to say I’m happy with it. I use it to troubleshoot electronic boards by comparision and it works as expected. It lacks pulse generator but I knew it from the beginning and I don’t really use it anyway (I had a VI tracer with pulse generator at office before). This VI tracer has two channels (useful to compare boards), a function to save images of the VI curves, connects to PCs with USB ports, easy to update when uCore releases updates (that just happened, this show that product is supported). By now I’m satisfied with it. Adding a Very Low Range would make it perfect to detect very low differences in very low power logic boards where very small differences in data/address bus between board (difficult to detect) are signs of something wrond with the signal. Hope it will be added in near future. I’m not in any way affiliated to uCore alectronics. I just appreciated very much its work and wanted to let others (and uCore itself) know it. There’s some good work going on here!

  2. Ramazan

    Uce kullanıyorum yaklaşık olarak 5 aydır . çok memnunum. son güncelleme iyi olmuş fakat parazit çok .başarılarınızın devamı diliyorum .

  3. ugur

    yaklaşık 6aydır uce-ct220l yi kullanıyorum ve gayet memnunum.son güncellemeden sonra daha iyi olmuş başarılarınızın devamını dilerim

  4. Juan leal inglada (verified owner)

    Finally all good, I really like constant updates, keep it up, thank you very much

  5. Jim Cotton

    At work in 1989-1992 I used a Huntron Tracker 1005B, I own a Heathkit IT-2232 component tracer, and I purchased the UCE-CT220L Fault Locator at V1.05 (V1.12 as I write this). I have used my Heathkit component tracer for at least the last 25 years. Since I got the UCE-CT220L I have switched to using it exclusively, it is more convenient and I appreciate the dual color display for the two traces. I fixed monitors and computers for the University. I fix test equipment for myself and friends as an amateur radio operator. This unit works as expected and the firmware updates have added features. Thanks to uCore for a great product. SN: R5322…2026C

  6. alex_neocleous1 (verified owner)

    I came across the uCore UCE-CT220L initially on eBay and realised this unit was certainly something that would be of great assistance for my hobby.. I repair and refurbish vintage HiFi and this is an ideal tester particularly due to the fact it can compare two channels simultaneously in addition to its other unique functions and features.
    However, I decide to buy this unit directly from the uCore company website rather than through eBay. I must say that the service with regards to both the sales and after-sales is excellent. I received the tester here in the UK within days of placing the order. Upon receiving the unit I had a question regarding a particular function and received a immediate response to my email within a couple of hours..
    I’m very pleased with the unit and service and will certainly consider this company for any other items I may need in the future.
    Alex Neocleous

  7. Aaron Cantu (verified owner)

    I´m very impressed about the product functionality, quality, service and pleasant transaction I got from uCore!, Thank you very much!!
    At the beginning had my doubts but took the risk and totally it worth it!!
    Best Regards

  8. Adam Carver (verified owner)

    I gambled since I have never bought anything from µCore before, but I was surprised. This thing is better than a original Huntron tracker 1000 simply for having the ability to capture the signal and being able to download it later. However, the memory isn’t very big so I can’t store as many photos as I would like but it is still an awesome tool to have when diagnosing any electronic device.

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