UCE-CT212 Curve Tracer for UCE-DSO212


This product is retired.

This curve tracer is designed for UCE-DSO212. It can be used to test the resistor, capacitor, diode, zener diode, LED, junction of transistor.

Technical information

  • Power on by UCE-DSO212. No need any external power supply
  • Voltage 52Vp-p (±26V)
  • 3 x Current Ranges 100uA/V , 1mA/V and 10mA/V
  • Max current 3mA
  • Current Limit Switch for semiconductor testing 400uA for 100uA/V range  , 2.5mA for 1mA/V range and 3mA for 10mA/V range
  • Freq. 50Hz or 60Hz.

Package List:

  • 1 pc UCE-CT212 Curve Tracer Unit
  • 1 pc Test Probes
  • 3 pcs BNC Adapter



Additional information

Weight 250 g


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