UCE-DSO291 Oscilloscope

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UCE-DSO291 4.3″ TFT Digital Oscilloscope, 4.5GS/s, 2 Ch

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UCE-DSO291 is improved version of UCE-DSO290. It is two channel, high speed, higher bandwidth oscilloscope. In Equivalent-Time Sampling mode, you can sampling up to 4.5GS/s for repetitive signals.

Internal 8MB USB disk could be used to store waveform and upgrade firmware.


  • Display: 4.3 inch 480 × 272 pixel color LCD
  • Personalisation: customization of display colors
  • Two channel input, One channel signal output
  • XY Mode
  • Analog Bandwidth: 30MHz
  • Maximum sampling rate: 8-bit 112.5 MS/s Real-Time Sampling , 4.5 GS/s Equivalent-Time Sampling (ETS)
  • Sampling depth: 16kB
  • Input impedance: 1MΩ
  • Vertical sensitivity: 20mV/div~10V/div
  • Horizontal sensitivity: 10ns/div~5s/div
  • Max input voltage: ±5V (X1 Probe), ±50V (X10 Probe)
  • Coupling: AC/DC
  • Supply voltage: 5V (mini USB)
  • Trig modes: Run, single, Hold functions
  • Trigger functions: rising / falling edge, Triggering Cursor
  • Auto Measurement: frequency, ton time, toff time, peak-to-peak voltage, mean voltage, RMS voltage
  • Test signal: 1KHz %50 duty-cycle square wave, 2.0Vpp
  • Cursor: differential measurement for time and voltage
  • FFT analyze: 1024 points FFT analyze
  • Math Functions: CH1+CH2, CH1-CH2, CH2-CH1, CH1*CH2, CH1/CH2, CH2/CH1, CH1 FFT, CH2 FFT.
  • Signal generator: sinus, sinC, square, triangle, sawteeth, arbitrary. (0~4.0V, 1Hz~50kHz)
  • Storage: internal 8MB USB disk for storing waveform image and firmware upgrade (bootload)
  • Export ADC data buffer to a Text file.
  • Menu language: English
  • Weight: 295gr.
  • Dimensions: 169x83x31mm
  • Power Consumption: 2.6W

Package List: 

  • 1 pc UCE-DSO291 4.3″ TFT Digital Oscilloscope
  • 2 pcs X1, X10 Probe
  • 1 pc Test Hook Clip Probe for Signal Generator
  • 1 pc touch pen
  • 1 pc USB cable

Additional information

Weight 750 g
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 8 cm


Update process is same as UCE-DSO290. How to update firmware

Firmware History

UCE-DSO291 V1.08

Released on 2019-07-24

Recent changes;

  • Fixed “over voltage” error when changing volts/div at 200ms/div.

UCE-DSO291 V1.07

Released on 2019-07-22

Recent changes;

  • New feature: The time/div value can now be changed while in hold mode.
  • Fixed some bugs in calculation algorithm of Measurement Values.
  • Improved measurement algorithm.
  • Changed scope grid.
  • Fixed some internal bugs.
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-DSO291 V1.06

Released on 2019-02-02

Recent changes;

  • New feature: The volt/div value can now be changed while in hold mode.
  • Improved ADC Calibration algorithm
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-DSO291 V1.05

Released on 2019-01-12

Recent changes;

  • Fixed a bug in NORMAL MODE trigger algorithm.
  • Improved XY Mode algorithm.
  • Reduced the Noise on the channels with software optimization.
  • Update calibration parameters.
  • Fixed a bug on Math Menu.
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-DSO291 V1.04

Released on 2019-01-02

Recent changes;

  • Fixed some bugs in HOLD-RUN-SINGLE function.
  • Improved measurement algorithm.
  • Fixed some bugs on the Measure Menu.
  • Fixed some bugs in NORMAL MODE trigger algorithm.
  • Some optimizations.

UCE-DSO291 V1.03

Released on 2018-12-18

Recent changes;

  • Fixed a bug in calculation algorithm of Measurement Values
  • Some optimizations


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