DIY Power Bank Case Kit 3X 18650


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This product is suitable for portable use of oscilloscopes.


  • Compact, practical, portable
  • Free welding assembly (about 1 minute installed a finished product)
  • Anodized aluminum enclosure

Product Parameters:

  • Battery Type: 3 sections 18650 (Not include)
  • Input: DC 5V, 1A
  • Output: DC 5.1V, 1A
  • Load testing automatic detection
  • Supports input voltage protection, output over-current protection, output over-voltage protection, output short circuit protection, battery overcharge and over-discharge protection, batteries PTC protection, charge / discharge temperature protection


  • Material: compression wearable metal case
  • Process: scratch abrasion resistant oxidation process (Matte)
  • Color: Black
  • Shell size: 88* 60 * 20 mm

Package List: 

  • 1 pc Case (Not include battery)
  • 1 pc Micro USB charge cable
The average lifetime with 3x3300mah
UCE-DSO210 up to 34 hours
UCE-DSO212 up to 30 hours
UCE-DSO290 up to 14.5 hours
HP-DSO272 up to 40 hours

Additional information

Weight 50 g


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