We have 4 different curve tracer products.
1- UCE-DSO212 + UCE-CT213 combo set
2- UCE-CT220L
3- UCE-CT220S
4- UCE-CT221L

The UCE-DSO212 + UCE-CT213 combo set is a single-channel product. It is suitable for amateur use. The product is OEM. It doesn’t have any case. Therefore, it is the cheapest device.

With the UCE-CT220L, all kinds of electronic cards can be repaired. With its internal LCD screen, it provides the opportunity to analyze independent from the PC. But there is no high current mode in this device. It may not be able to perform some tests that require high current. For example, measuring capacitors above 1000 uF may be insufficient. In addition, it may be insufficient in the gate characteristics of power switch such as SCR, BJT. If these tests are important, the UCE-CT220S model would be a more suitable solution. High current test mode (47R) is available in this device. With the PC program, board analysis can be made and a database can be created for these boards if desired. In addition, there is a 1V test voltage for sensitive integrated circuits. Ideal for low voltage electronic boards such as mobile phones.

UCE-CT221L is our most advanced product. If the UCE-CT221L is only used with the PC program, it will not differ from the UCE-CT220S.

The UCE-CT221L includes all the features of both the CT220L and the CT220S. In addition, the most important advantage of the UCE-CT221L is that the database created with the PC program can be used in the field independently from the PC.

For example, consider that a telephone technical service creates a database of impedance curves of many phone models. When you copy this database to the memory of the device and go to the field, you no longer need any phone PCB for reference. Fault detection can be done without the need for anything, only with the device and with a little experience. This is the purpose in designing this device. And that’s why a carrying case is also available.

You can examine the comparison table below and see the differences between the devices.